In the darkness we dream. In the darkness we are born. In the darkness we scream.

Draug does not exist in any real or permanent sense. It is something which rises into reality then slips away again before anyone notices.

The music of Draug is dark, varied and changeable.

None of the tracks have meaning, except when they do, though their names may suggest otherwise.

When Draug is not Draug, it is neither Draug nor is it something else.

In an infinite universe all things somewhere exist, in different versions, and in different combinations.

Somewhere within this infinity Draug exists as a performing band, but not in this one.

All Draug tracks are subject to change and may be altered as new ideas suggest themselves.

Nothing is fixed, or permanent, all is transient.

Like this website, they may never be finished, those on Soundcloud are no closer to being finished than others.

The music of Draug depends for its existence on classical progressive, ambient, medieval, folk and whatever is there at the time.

The project is all about the music, it has no interest in profit, there are no performances, no photographs, no biographies, no merchandise, no cds.

Nothing is fixed, or permanent, all is transient...